I'm sure you're right, Suz. He was rather neurotic.

I wonder whether the extent to which we're likely to see the effects of Pantone's annual picks trickle down into our daily lives actually depends on our individual lifestyles?
(e.g. whether we live in a more trendy or traditional area; the types of industries/ companies around; the people with which we socialise; that sort of thing)

I just bought two sweaters in this color family, and they make me really happy on a gray day. Wearing them with red velvet pants and charcoal grey and jeans. And I loved learning the history of the color's name, thanks!

April, sometimes a fan....

Interesting that the Viva Magenta is described as part of the “red family” by Pantone - and certainly to my eye looks more red than purplish pink. In fact, if I was to give it my own name, it would be ‘light oxblood’. https://www.pantone.com/color-of-the-year-2023