I'm still working on this- but figured I'd post some initial thoughts about my goals for next year.

1. Wear tracking. I have made up my spreadsheets and am ready to go January 1! My goals are to learn: optimal wardrobe/category numbers, what types of pieces have longevity (style and condition), how to predict needed replacements, and how accurate are my PUPY (potential use per year) values. I will be tracking by uses over 3 month intervals, and only wear count, not CPW at this time.

2. Being more polished/less chaotic. This means replacing essentials before they get in dire condition, better grooming (regular haircuts/dye, teeth whitening, nails, skincare, brows), weight management, better clothing care habits, carrying around only what I need, simplicity in makeup and style (color palette/ clothing lines).

3. Having casual, non gear outfits that I enjoy wearing and feel current. This has always been a struggle, but I need to prioritize it now that I'm only working part time. I'm not planning to return to full time work, so I can stop shopping for it so much!
4. Practicing approximately one-in-one-out, with approximately 25 non-basics purchases for the year. Keeping my wardrobe numbers the same or a bit less.

I have not yet settled on my word or color of the year. Considering mustard/gold or burgundy/red and Ease, Natural, Genuine, or Renew for the words.

I may have some more specific goals later, but this is it so far.