I'll keep it simple for 2022 - 'Teal Limits' are not only my colour & word, but my Style Goals too (Comfort & Colourful Restraint). TL;DR / Summary at the bottom.


The word Limits is because recognising my own is important. It's not a bad thing to take a step back from things & reflect when I'm feeling overwhelmed (as my cancelled 30th has proven, lol) - some of my past issues have stemmed from a lack of boundaries, or not enforcing them. So I'm ok with not trying to do everything anymore. I'm still part-time (2 different teaching jobs) with my MA, but I'm not going to keep pushing myself to finish it by someone else's (one of the job's) deadline. I'm sure my wallet would prefer it if I would go back to full-time teaching in the Autumn lol, but I'm already well-covered with my current wardrobe - anything I buy now will be to replace or swap existing items.

Speaking of which, my colour is Teal because
I'd like to be able to find more of it for my wardrobe (my ideal shade being somewhere between petrol green & marine navy) but I know it's difficult to find teal with enough depth at retail. So I'm willing to be flexible & recognise the limits of teal clothing availability - I'll see if I can get the same mix & match capability with similar shades instead, like dark green (see palette).

Anyway, time to limit my complaining lol! I recently culled all black from my current closet (it's now packed up as a UK capsule wardrobe) & have instead settled on the attached palette (main neutrals: dark brown & gold) from trial & error. I'll do my best to stick to the fiery, chocolatey, petrol, plum & golden shades in 2022, but I already find myself side eyeing the khakis & mustards lol - depending on the exact tone, I can sometimes look 'naked' in them. So I will leave room to tweak this palette this year - I want to find intense versions of the greens, to see if they suit me better (I'm thinking chartreuse or bronzed moss), since I'm primarily a Deep tonal palette (according to the quiz @Ginger posted https://youlookfab.com/welookf.....-yet-again ). I will leave room to add or remove colours to this palette though, as I try on different ones whilst being honest about my wardrobe/ life/ patience limits

Summary / TL;DR for 2022:

Colour: Teal (either retail or decor)
Word: Limits (honesty re: closet size & life)
Goals: Comfort & Colourful restraint (honesty re: how often I'll wear an item if it pinches/ digs/ hurts, & whether it deserves a place in my small closet if it does (spoiler: no) - also recognising that limiting my 'rainbow' wardrobe to the attached shades might help with ovewhelm, instead of feeling restrictive)

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