Here's my 2022 review, inspired by Suz and Jenn.

I chose "light neutrals" as my color of the year. While I didn't add a lot of light neutrals, I discovered that camel was a surprise MVP addition to my otherwise dark wardrobe. It takes the place of white for me.

My word of the year was "edit." I did some wardrobe editing, mostly for condition, but a lot of it was home, schedule, and mom's stuff.

A goal for me was to build my complements, particularly brown and burgundy. It worked for a while, but my brown and burgundy totes need replacement handles- so the complements aren't as functional as needed now.

Another goal was to limit to 25 non-gear pieces. I went over, but not by too much, because I needed to replace some things. Having a number limit, rather than a budget limit is helpful, but I need to be flexible.

Being more polished was another goal, which included grooming and clothing care. I really do try to avoid being RATE, but my hair ahem...adventure derailed that a bit. Hopefully I can improve next year!

One more goal was to focus on longer skirts and wider pants. I did pretty well there, though some of my additions were wrap skirts, which ended up being a bit problematic. The wide pants additions were a success though!

Thanks for reading!