Hi All,

2022 has had the highs and the lows.

Luckily fashion and style has felt like a high, and has been an easy and rewarding part of the year. So thank you to Angie, and the forum with your assistance here with a special shout out to Brooklyn who found me my favourite purchase of the year.

I have bought less in 2022 than in recent years, and there was one piece that I donated before wearing (the spot dress - purchased second hand).

In addition to the finds below I also added two scarves (one new, one thrifted), some running shoes and a black sundress.

My most worn piece was the Charcoal technical top that was a workhorse through May-October, both under puffers or alone on early morning walks.

Honourable mentions for wear go to the rose wool coat, the lace up boots, the black tank and the check tote bag.

I kept being a Grown Up Charlies Angel but tweaked my style adjectives to bold, breezy, elegant. Thanks to all that helped with that process.

I also tweaked my haircut with more choppy layers - it's gone mad at the moment in the high humidity...

I am trying not to purchase anything for the rest of December - whilst I have added less my average spend per item has increased. I am finding that I am not wearing out many pieces except for knit fabrics.

For 2023 I will replace my birkenstocks and my LuluLemon black joggers. I will also be looking for a new puffer. Aside from that- I don't know.

In the mean time we have a couple of trips away (within NZ) - I will be around but a bit less over this patch. My older son graduates from university, we have our US based family coming over, and I am taking a month off work.

I look forward to 2023 and wish everyone a safe, healthy, happy holiday season.

Best wishes