I am not sure I can plan much for 2022. I think a lot will be depending on my return to the office, which has been postponed indefinitely due to omicron. I think it will happen after this wave subsides. Then, it will only be twice a week.

I am not sure yet how I want to dress in the office after two years away, and whether my current wardrobe is adequate. The office is fairly casual, so if I dress up a bit, it will be because I want to. I may just wear what I've been wearing for WFH (I do dress somewhat), with some more attention paid to accessorizing and possibly makeup. With my social life, there are also too many unknowns for planning.

I also have more than enough stuff. I keep refining my shoe collection, due to evolving issues with my feet. I do NOT need more sweaters, blouses, or summer clothes of any description (Except maybe shorts(. I would like a few more bottoms that are comfortable and don't pinch, as I'm constantly putting aside ones that do. I have posted about this before.

In 2021, I moved to Brooklyn, got a French bob with fringe, and got new specs I am trying to wear more. I think my wardrobe may lean into this French/Brooklyn thing a bit more in the future, except that I will never be a person to wear neutrals only. So I may tentatively lean into a Colorful French Girl vibe, at least for winter.

NB: That all being said, I just ordered a really shiny short puffer jacket in a kind of peacock color. I'm not sure this fits the vibe, but I couldn't resist the unusual color.

I am not sure my existing summer wardrobe fits this vibe AT ALL, and I'd need years to change that if I even wanted to. My summer wardrobe is also much too plentiful as it is, though there is more churn there because clothes wear out faster. I won't be looking to buy a lot for summer at any rate, and certainly not enough to change my vibe. The office return is also a big question mark here, as it's much more freezing than the temperature we keep our home at in the summer.

I guess this is all to say that much like Chris, I will keep an open mind and try to evolve organically. I am in a good place and anyway it's herd to plan with all the "known unknowns" for this year. That said, I have added to my lounge collection through the year, for my new home's temperature differences, and continue to do so, and will do a basics refresh this month, plus add some cold weather athletic bottoms. I do still tend to choose to buy pieces I fall in love with, but I think my wardrobe essentials are all very solid, especially now that I've added new pants.

I may focus for now more on continuing to decorate my home than on my wardrobe, now that the necessary repairs to the basement are happening and we can again store stuff down there. (The decor of the basement work space will be my husband's purview when he's ready, so I'm focused on upstairs.)

Here are some recent purchases plus the jacket described above - I have had success with pants. I am now ill with what appears to be a minor cold (rapid tested negative twice for covid, waiting on a PCR result for my husband, who has the same crud; there is still a chance it could be that but if so, very mild). Or else I'd do some modeling of my pants purchases.