On to the 2021 planning

Color of the year will be dark green- dark olive and pine. Both are Zyla colors as found in my eyes, and green makes me think of the woods! These 3 dark olive pieces are on their way to me.

Word of the year- something related to minimalist, quiet, or simple. Simple life, simple home, simple clothing shapes, simple palette (Zyla), etc.

Possible additions- warm gear pants, Uniqlo thermals, a cozy fleece for at home, another pair of full length wide leg pants, another pair of Birkies (black and or metallic), black sleep crops or long shorts for summer, a camel coat or other topper, more light neutrals (beige, oatmeal, tan, camel, "horschata through a brown glass"- Not white). Will look at Kettlewell to avoid anything that may shift too cool toned. If I like the olive skirt I may get same in tan- if still available.

Alter pieces I wrote about in last post, repair 1 pair of Athleta crops that stitching is starting to fray.

Inspirations- neutral or otherwise quiet column of color- black, beige, olive w/ cognac accessories and gold or copper jewelry. Mahogany ethereal- textured brown/burgundy/ wine purple. Long lines, simple shapes, quiet prints (PC).
Flowy full length pants, skirts with sleeveless top- higher necklines when no topper needed.

Not adding more asymmetric tops, bell sleeves, scarves, brights (unless needed for visible gear), tie dye, jewelry, magpie makeup. I have quite enough!