Happy New Year, Fab Folks!

This year, I'm taking things slowly. In my last forum post, I talked a little bit about the goals I was thinking about for 2021 and said I'd come up with something a bit more formal. Now it's time!

Here are my 2021 Style Goals in order of importance:

Buy and dress for comfort

  • Purchase some sports bras with no underwire - I've gone braless for most of the pandemic and I can't imagine going back to those torture devices on the daily. I'm done.
  • Invest in a PERFECT pair of sneakers - ones I can wear all day that support my feet beautifully, and that I find aesthetically appealing. Converse have been my favorite since I was a teenager and I still enjoy wearing them, but my feet need something better now, so as much as it pains me, I think it's time to see other soles. (Hehehe.)

Reduce my wardrobe size

  • I don't currently have a specific number in mind, but I would like everything that requires a hanger to fit visibly in my small walk-in closet.
  • My goal is to NOT get rid of ANY items unless I find that they truly do not spark joy for me anymore - until I know what my lifestyle needs will be. This time last year I was trying to get into grad school. It didn't happen, and now I'm in the same boat again. I'm going to be patient and see where life takes me.
  • No matter how much I like an item in theory, if it doesn't fit well, it's going away. No more settling for blazers that ALMOST fit my large bust and broad shoulders. There will always be more tweed blazers.

Embrace eclecticism

  • Worrying about everything being cohesive stresses me out, and I'm interested in throwing stuff I like together and seeing what happens at this point.
  • Pair things together in unexpected combinations - punk with academic; dress up my grungy flannels; go casual glam, but make it androgynous. I want to have fun with this.

Add more neutrals

  • Black - my lifetime favorite, and I never tire of it. It looks great on me and it's my "calm" color to wear, so I'll be keeping an eye out for more pieces in this "base" neutral. I would especially like to acquire more black pants in various silhouettes.
  • Blue - my second most favored neutral. I would like to add more pieces other than blue jeans (though I could use another pair of blue jeans).
  • Gray - I have some and would like to have more across many types of items. Charcoal is my favorite, but I like others, too. I would like to acquire a charcoal gray suit, which would look great with many of my dress shirts.
  • Olive - I've been working on adding olive over the last few years and I have several pieces I enjoy. A highly desired item would be an olive pair of pants.
  • Dark brown - I've gone without brown for quite a long time and want to add it back in. The only pieces I currently have are a cap and a pair of chocolate brown leggings.
  • Maybe cognac - I like the idea of cognac, but it's not as high priority as the other neutrals I want because I have ZERO cognac right now.
Maybe some colors, too...

  • Last year I started adding more orange and teal/turquoise, and I would enjoy more items in those colors, but it's not a high priority because my craving for grounded neutral mixes is stronger. I could also get into some yellow. What's with me lately?!

So, that's pretty much it. I know some things will change after the pandemic comes to an end, but it's been pretty eye-opening for me in a lot of ways, too. I'm SUCH a creature of habit - I'm not going to wear what I can't see, I'm not going to wear what isn't comfy, I'm not going to dress up unless I'm going somewhere and/or seeing people, and no matter how many options I give myself, I'm going to reach for the same several faves time and time again.

I thought about that as I worked on this list. There's a desire to experiment and play more, but I think I need to do that with fewer options in front of me. I want EVERY item I own to be one I reach for as soon as it's clean again. There has to be a good balance between having enough so I don't get bored and not so much that I get overwhelmed. 2021 is going to be about finding that balance.

If you've made it this far, thanks for reading! If you've faced a similar challenge to what I just described and found something that's worked for you, I would LOVE to hear about it.

I hope everyone has a fab, fun, and fulfilling year.