I did a new purchase count back in Sept and came up at 31. Since then I've added 4 more pieces (3 layering tops and a pair of Athleta leggings), and have one more thing to try on its way to me, so 35-36 new additions for the year. I had thought I might have a slower year due to covid, but life goes on, my clothes continued to wear out and fall apart, so my numbers held pretty steady compared to previous years. I just went through and tallied how many pieces I removed this year and came up with... (drumroll)

...38. I don't practice a strict one in/one out, and in the past I have not been good at tracking the items I get rid of. This number shouldn't actually shock me, as my wardrobe stays very steadily at about 120 items no matter what I do (counting gear and lounge, but not counting underpinnings or outdoor accessories). But I am surprised nonetheless. I'm too lazy to get super granular here, but broadly:

  • Gear -- 6 out / 7 in
  • Lounge -- 9 out / 5 in
  • Everything else -- 23 out / 23 in (possible 24)

This represents about 30% of my wardrobe. It also comes out to approximately 3 out/3 in per month, which sounds about right. Most of what I culled was due to wear and tear -- holes, fraying cuffs or seams, glue/paint/bleach accidents, shrinkage or stretching out, and fading. A few had to do with fit issues, especially low rises, plus a few older sleeveless tops that were just too big. A few had to do with style shifts, or pieces not working as well for my climate/lifestyle as I’d hoped. In the case of footwear, most (2 out of 3) were due to unforeseen comfort/fit issues rather than age. Some of these items have been sold online or donated locally, and some went to the transfer station to be recycled. Some are still in a holding zone because I plan to sell or consign them but haven’t yet. My go-to consignment shops are across the border in Vermont, so I won’t be able to take things there until travel restrictions ease. But they are laundered, lint-rolled and ready to go!

My goals for 2021 are as follows:

  • Find new lounge pants (I had three out of four pairs develop holes this year and have only replaced one -- pandemic problems!)
  • Add more variety to my knitwear (colour, pattern, texture, silhouette)
  • One pair of great “out-in-the-world” boots (low-heeled chelsea or lace-up; no zippers; olive, navy, or dark brown)
  • Keep looking for a super-cozy fleece jacket or coat (hood, pockets, lining)
  • Keep looking for a long/oversized blazer
  • Socks/hosiery audit in the spring
  • Maybe a fun dress, jumpsuit, or matching separates for summer (natural fibers only; has to be just the right pattern and/or colour)

(Last post for a while as I head into the holiday break, but I will try to be good about replying to comments. Can't wait to see everyone else's analysis and goals posts!)