I am done with the shopping for the year, and I am done with this year too
This year was different in so many ways and it did affect my shopping and wardrobe too. First time that I managed to stick to the plan and concentrate on boring things that I usually don’t like shopping for. I completely refreshed my underwear, sleepwear and loungewear capsules. I overhauled my footwear. Few years ago I edited out all shoes with heels 7cm and above, but this year even 5cm started feeling too high so now they are gone too. I decided to gradually remove black from my wardrobe and I replaced number of black essentials with items in navy. I reduced 1/4 of my total wardrobe items and I am much more happier with current numbers and my closet is less crumpled and easier to organize.
I did not get many statement or fun items this year, but it was easier to resist because there was not really anywhere to wear such items. I do hope that next year will be all about color, statement and fun and I can’t wait for that.
Here is my collection of shoes and essentials that I got this year.