John Lennon said in his song Beautiful Boy "Life is what happens to you whilst your busy making other plans". This has been very true for me in 2020.

At the start of 2020, I was filled with optimism, a new year and new decade. My style goals were 'glamorous, sophisticated and bold' reflecting my desire to look professional. Wearing suits for my corporate office job was an easy and practical solution to achieving my style goals.

2020 - the year of Covid - made these style goals go out the window - not too many opportunities to be glamorous, sophisticated and bold when working from home...and then I changed jobs, so working from home is now my new normal.

I selected pink as my colour of the year and renew as my word of the year. My colour and word goals for 2020 have been successful. Pink, has been a great colour for me, an uplifting and happy colour. My pink purchases in 2020 reflect my change in style, less corporate and more casual and relaxed. My pink Birk's are my favourite at home shoe and my pink cardigan is soft and cosy to wear.

Renew - when I picked this word, I wanted to refresh my outlook and smarten up. That did not happen, but I did embark on a new business venture. A number of stressful situations have arisen in 2020 which have meant that my goals of being fit and fabulous in 2020 were not met. Luckily I kept up my karate training and have set training goals to get me back on track in 2021.

In Finds - my 2020 Pink Purchases and favourite purchases which help toughen up all that pink!
Favourite shoes - white boots
Favourite clothes purchase - denim jacket (second hand)
Favourite bag - denim bag

For 2021, I will redefine my style goals to reflect my changed lifestyle. Any comments or suggestions on how I should proceed are most welcome.