In our yearlong shopping challenge, I committed to buying 31 or fewer items this year (not counting undergarments).

I bought zero items in January, but I made up some ground this month with FIVE new pieces in February.

I bought an Elizabeth Suzann dress, an Eileen Fisher jumpsuit, and a pair of Bed Stu boots.

I also added two less-considered items.

First, I couldn’t resist this burnt orange velvet tassel scarf at World Market. I have too many scarves, but hopefully this one will get some wear, as it also works as a belt.

And second, I added a pair of long pajama/lounge pants. One of my son’s friends just moved in with us, and I don’t feel as comfortable wearing my pajama shorts around the house as I did with just family. These replace a worn-out pair of pajama pants and give me a second full-length sleepwear option.