My Shopping Challenge for 2019 is to keep to my budget, buy less than 30 items, buy pieces that fit into my wardrobe, my real life and my "uniform".

I will do a longer post on my uniform but this is a brief summary of what it will look like. I have determined that I like to wear T- shirts on top, preferably cream/ivory, olive green or brown, jeans or cotton pants on bottom and a topper. All of these are fairly plain. I then jazz up my outfit with accessories. If I keep to this formula I wear the pieces. When I buy something outside of this it goes unworn.

Footwear is very limited for me. I can wear Birks, Finn Comfort and El Naturalista.

I bought zero pieces in April and May. We were in Montreal for a week and I would have loved to have shopped. But I resisted. I am debating one or two purchases. I would like a new pair of jeans and am considering a pair of Jesse Kamm Cowboy Blue Sailor Pants. I enjoy wearing my Kamm Tobacco pants a lot. Much love.

2019 Purchases To Date 6 items

Boden Conker Cashmere Cardigan (January) - medium love
Two Re/Done Vintage White T-Shirts (March) - extreme love
Chantelle Bra (March) - extreme love
Lucky Brand Straight Leg Jeans (March) - medium love
Finn Comfort Blue Sneakers (March)- medium love

Shopping List

Nude Coloured Soft Footbed Birks
Jeans - Possibly Jesse Kamm Cowboy Blue Sailor Pants