It's time for a stats post! Yay!

Background: in August, 2018 I decided to start tracking my purchases and overall wardrobe volume. I didn't do this with a specific goal other than awareness, but started to find some insights, and decided to track in more detail in 2019.

2019 was a big shopping year as I was losing weight, and also retooling some areas of my wardrobe. But it was also a big donation year as I removed a lot of clothing.

Overall, my wardrobe grew by 3.6% this year, but the value increased by 17%. I see this as a double win: holding my wardrobe in check while increasing quality. (Yes, $ doesn't necessarily equal quality but it shows that I'm investing).

I also saw some big shifts in the makeup of my wardrobe.
I got rid of 1/3 of my cardigans, and 20% of my tops.
I made a major investment in outerwear, and grew my shoe wardrobe by 20%.

I found it really helpful to track my purchases in collections:

I also took a look at the color alignment of my closet (clothes only) and found the following:
NAVY: 21% (Seriously, it's an addiction)
White/Cream: 15%
Green: 12% (reflects the investment in teal this year!)

Other colors with more than 5%:
Red, Black, Grey, Pink, Denim

Colors with less than 5% (wildcards, or potential orphans?)
Blue (non-denim), Purple, Orange, Brown, Khaki

I've turned over 28% of my 2H 2018 purchases, which feels high if I'm trying to build a sustainable wardrobe. However, some of that is attributable to losing weight, so I don't expect that high of a turnover going forward. My turnover of the 1H 2019 collection is 8% which I think is more reasonable to account for mistakes.

Primary shopping sites (I rarely shop in person): Nordstrom, Boden.
Top 10 Happiest purchases of the year: BOSS teal dress, MaxMara wrap dress, Nic+Zoe pink blazer, Anthro Chino pants, Boden Elina V-neck sweater, MM LaFleur Rowling top, Daniel Rainn eyelet top, Boden kitten heels, Vince Camuto Dress heels, Barbour jacket.
Bonus Pic: Keynote ready in India wearing MM LaFleur.

I've ended the year in a really good place with my wardrobe. I have some new goals which I'll share in a separate post. And as always, I'm grateful to this community for so much support and suggestions on this style journey. Cheers to 2020!

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