At the beginning of the year, I set the unrealistic goal of 12 purchases and ended up with 67 for the year. I have worn 65 of the 67, and have already passed on the other two. I think my acquisitions were sort of reasonable given that I am nearing the end of my second year in a 4-season climate. Come April, I won't be able to use climate adjustment as an excuse anymore

Still, blowing a shopping challenge doesn't make the whole year a total loss - I put the majority of my core wardrobe into finds to get a better sense of what I have, what I buy, and what I edit out; I started tracking
daily outfits
in September, and I have drafted a list of essentials for

I have learned some valuable things about my style as well:

- I greatly prefer texture to pattern; I am down to only four patterned items (other than scarves) in my active wardrobe.
- I don't need to settle for whatever the stores have in stock; it's not like I am running around naked.
- I feel most like myself in jeans and a pullover. I don't need dresses or skirts to feel fab.
- I like contrast in an outfit - but only wear it in the summer; winter looks have been quite monochromatic (Why? Must overthink this next summer...)
- I don't need to wear loungewear that makes me look as frumpy as I feel.
- I have finally accepted the fact I will never return to the workforce as I once knew it. My lifestyle simply doesn't allow for me to have a large collection of precious pieces. I won't be instagram-perfect - and that's OK. I have mourned; I am ready to move on.

For 2020:
My Style Moniker needs some tweaking. "Refined Californian" was fine,
until I woke up in 12 degree weather with 4 inches of snow on the
ground. I'm toying with "Approachable Bi-coastal": It reminds me to
focus on the OTG/practical part of my lifestyle, and also to SMILE. I
suspect my shadow persona lives in sequins and feathers at a Vegas
residency show, but that costume won't cut it if I'm wrangling programmers from my desk, shoveling Legos, or shuttling kids to ball practice in crap weather...

I haven't set any purchase or wardrobe goals yet, other than starting a
"do not buy" list (no skirts or dresses, no matter how swishy or
sparkly). My wardrobe is in great shape, and I feel like I could pull
together an appropriate outfit for almost any occasion

I am in the "relax" camp with others for the new year. 2020 is shaping
up to be crazy and uncertain in other areas of life and I need to chill, and find peace and pleasure where I can; I will start with my closet!

Happy Holidays, fellow fabbers! Thank you for being with me on this journey of discovery for the past year!