This week I made my final footwear purchase of the season, and took inventory of my boot collection. I now have four pair of lace-up boots with varying heel heights which will cover me in a range of temperatures, including a shearling lined pair. I love the stompy sturdiness of combat boots and have since I was a teenager, many moons ago They somehow make me feel grounded and empowered! I stayed away from the style in my 30's as they felt too masculine for me then, but more recently and thanks largely to YLF I've started paring them with my small collection of pretty, feminine tops and sweaters, usually with skinny jeans, and really like the look. My actual wardrobe items are below. I'd love to find more tops that are warm enough to wear in New England winter weather, or at least not flimsy and sleeveless! I just ordered a couple different velvet tops from Madewell but am having trouble finding other options. Would love items with lace, brocade, or other types of soft texture to offset the edginess of the boots. Welcome any suggestions.