I've been sticking to my self-imposed rules this year, which were meant to help me shop more ethically, but have mostly just helped slow down my purchases... which is also a win.

All my buys this year have been from my exception categories (shoes, gear, items bought with gift cards). 6 items in 3 months, not counting gear (one pair of gym leggings and a sports bra).

1) Mid-rise stretch skinny pants (in the Finds): Mine are in a black/white micropattern instead of the lovely heathered rosy merlot color in the Finds. They have a subtle almost-metallic sheen to them which makes them a little more interesting. Already worn several times.

2) Gray plaid twill pants (in the Finds): Like a dressier version of the Kut from the Kloth pants from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. I love the Kuts, but they're too casual for most work days, and the pattern is starting to fade at the knees. I can happily wear these to work; they have thicker fabric and a less legging-like fit.
Already worn several times.

3) The Madewell booties that a few people on here have bought, in black (no Find): They fit my scrawny feet and ankles! And they're versatile and comfortable, even wearing them for a full day of work right out of the box.

4) On the way, an ivory Express blouse (in the Finds): I like the subtle Victorian vibe with the buttons and the high ruffled collar.

5) On the way, a zip-neck Express top in cobalt blue (in the Finds, though in a different color): Same color as another top I have and love, and I like the neckline zipper detail.

6) On the way, white Express denim shorts (in the Finds): My signature lacing detail, check. I own no shorts at the moment, and a warm weekend reminded me that I might want a pair (one is probably plenty). Angie may have influenced me to try white denim for the first time.

My wardrobe doesn't need much, and I'm doing small edits... I let a meh-for-me button-front shirt go last week, and I'm giving up on my black pants after giving them one last run today (not very comfortable, pockets gape, not the best cut for my shape... in short, blah). It'll be strange not having any black dress pants, but I think I can survive without for a while.

I'm eyeing a few big purchases, so I'll be saving my budgeted pennies for those. I've never found a work-appropriate women's handbag that suits me, so I've been looking at men's briefcases. I want something that Indiana Jones might carry when he's teaching archaeology at university. My dream bag is in the Finds: the Frye Logan. Pricey, but I think it'd be the only bag I'd need for work for many years, assuming it holds up. I saw it person yesterday at the Frye store, and it was just as lovely as pictured.

I'm also tempted by a Dai suit, since I got rid of my ancient black suit last year... I can't collect a Find for it, but I like the long, slim tuxedo-esque cut of this blazer:

So far... on track!