*wave* to all of the elder Fabbers who may recognize me from some time ago... I felt pretty happy with my wardrobe this year and got pulled down a different shopping rabbit hole (hand-dyed yarn, Diana may be able to relate). Feeling the itch to analyze again though, and NAS is coming up!

Reviewing my 2018 purchases to date, I realized that this has really been the year of the shoe for me. I have fussy, low-volume, extra-small (size US5 or 5.5, Euro 35) feet and I hate shoe shopping. But I've kept 5 new pairs already this year, with a sixth pair on the way thanks to stalking Angie's top picks

I don't know if more brands have started manufacturing extended sizing, or if shoes are just generally more comfortable these days, or what... but I'm taking advantage while it lasts and trying not to hesitate when the right shoe comes along.

1) Back during the post-Christmas winter sale season, I picked up these Jeffrey Campbell brocade booties for a song from Anthro. They don't have a zipper and the instep is quite a snug slip-on, even for my low-volume feet, so I can see why they got marked down so much; but once on, they are quite comfy and unique-looking.

2) An Angie top pick. I've been looking for a pair of edgy flat black sandals for 2 seasons now. I was skeptical of these in the photo, because they looked too chunky for my taste, but she is right (isn't she always!) that they look much better on the foot. Bella Vita can run a little wide for me but these have an adjustable buckle instep -- I can't wear velcro instep straps because they're limited in how tightly they can be adjusted -- and I ended up with the larger of my two sizes so that I didn't step on any of the decorative studs.

3) These Kelsi Dagger sandals aren't the world's most comfortable shoes, but they're fine for a workday or walking downtown for dinner (I'd walk half a mile at a time in them, probably not more). I was drawn in by the colorblocking and the blue/green color scheme; it's rare to find statement shoes that are not heeled and available in my size.

4) I haven't heard Rothy's discussed much around here -- if you haven't tried them, DO. I was skeptical because my feet are hard to fit in pointy-toe ballet flats and many such shoes will rub my heel raw. These felt like a CLOUD as soon as I slipped my feet in, and I wore them for 3 days straight walking around NYC without a single blister. The upper fabric kind of sticks to the back of my heel without creating any friction at all. It's magic. (Also comes in round-toe and loafer styles. Extended sizing is severely limited in color combinations, but if you wear a normal shoe size, there are tons of colors to choose from!)

5) While in NYC last week, I saw my friend wearing a pair of Keds x Rifle Paper Co sneakers and loved the print. Keds have been hit-or-miss for me in the past, but this pair has a little more cushioning in the heel and I LOVE the print. Again, the kind of statement shoe that I normally can't get in my size. The print is more teal/mint than blue/aqua in person, and that's my favorite color of all time. I'm not a sneaker person, but I think I'll be a teal floral sneaker person.

6) Just ordered: MINT oxfords by Frye. Crossing my fingers that the size 5.5 is small enough. My current pair of mint shoes, pointy-toe Franco Sarto flats that Angie recommended a few seasons ago, has been patched twice already by the cobbler but the quality just doesn't stand up to my toenails. I love adding a pop of color and these will bookend my (currently teal balayage) hair

All in all, I've found multiple HEWI's all at once and am glad that it still fits in my budget since I've otherwise been shopping less this year.

How are you all finding the shoe-shopping scene this season? Have you had any major scores?