I'm not doing a full review of 2017, as I haven't spent the whole year trying to be mindful of my purchases. I'm an impulse shopper, and that leads to the majority of the trouble I have with my wardrobe. That's my review. My overarching goal for 2018 is be more mindful of my purchases. Part of this will be psychological reflection about why I shop, but I don't want to get that deep into my psyche here and now - but I acknowledge that aspect of things and am thinking about it.

I can mention a few things I tried to do in 2017, and had various levels of success with:
Fewer wardrobe orphans - I've done better but have a ways to go. I still buy things on impulse because I fall in love with them. However, it's true that I have gotten better about buying pieces from a list that make other items work. However, I still have too many wildcards that satisfy my whimsical side but may be duplicates of each other (in spirit if not in fact) or may not work with other items. I want some wildcards, but not too many. Since I'm keeping track of what I buy now (thanks to my Finds here), I should be able to limit purchasing things that are similar to what I already have. (I have two reindeer sweaters, and a reindeer striped top. Surely I need only two of those three, but I forgot about the reindeer sweater I got last year.) I've also limited my skirt purchases to combat this problem. Skirts with quirky prints used to be a style signature for me, but I started finding pencil skirts too tough to wear (sized out of many of the ones i loved too), and full skirts to tough to pair with other items. My work wardrobe needs also became more casual, to align with my current job's norms.

Liven up my hair: Achieved that with a haircut and color in early Dec.

Better skin care - I'm getting there. I have a routine. My main problem is consistency. (I'd also like to wear makeup more, but I'm not a morning person and just don't leave myself time.)

Became a sneaker person: I added some great fashion sneakers to my collection, which is good, since I have foot trouble and walk a lot.

2018 Goals:
Keep buying fewer items and avoiding wardrobe orphans. I tend to buy things, be unsure about them, and then end up keeping them. I'm very indecisive... but once I do decide, I'm usually pretty firm. I'm the queen of returns.

Need better pants options: I'm pretty bored wearing dark colored skinny or straight pants and jeans all the time. However, with my pear shaped frame, I'm often wary of light colors and of patterns, though I've found a few things that work. I recently rediscovered bootcut jeans, so I can add more bootcut shaped pants to my wardrobe to give me options. I have some colored pants and jeans from LOFT, but I find that they don't fit so well after a while due to stretching (their regular jeans fare better). Need to try different brands, but I defaul to LOFT because I know which sizes and cuts fit. Gotta try harder.

Moratorium on flowy tops - For the first time, I've been attracted to flowy items. Since there are still so many of these in the stores, especially tops, I keep wanting to buy more, but the reality is I don't need more. Not sure yet if I want to re-incorporate more tailored pieces or just stick to what I have.

Figure out how to layer more - I can't really layer long-sleeved tops under a jacket or cardigan - everything together is too tight since my upper arms are a bit plump for my frame (I guess). Sizing up just makes things bigger all over, and I don't want to have everything tailored. However, I also want to be able to use my long sleeved blouses more in colder weather, since I have so many now (see above). My office is too cold to forego a topper. I have added a green knitted vest/gilet, which will help in some cases. I am also using shawls at work, which helps, too. I still wish I had a chunky grey cardigan that would layer over long sleeves, though.

Pare down summer wardrobe. I always buy too much, and most of it can't be used in my freezing office, which limits utility. I love summer and nautical stuff, so that's me buying based on falling in love with pieces, again. I need to pare down what I have among items too casual/skin-baring for the office.

Add more pink and red - I'm currently on the hunt for a red sweater or winter top. More pink would also be nice.

Wear my skirts and dresses: This is harder in the winter, when I don't always want to wear tights. I will have more dressy events to go to, going forward, which will help with this. I just added a dressy pencil skirt that I think I'll be able to continue to wear, and that will match more pieces than most of my skirts.

I also still feel like I don't have a defined style, although there are elements of various style descriptors I feel strongly attracted to. Maybe I'm eclectic, and this isn't really a problem, but it's something I think about. I won't call it a goal, though.