(This clarifies what I left in the blog post comments)...

My goals for 2018:

My words are Mermaid, Draped, Clinging, Minimalist, Luxurious, Retro, and Futuristic/Sci-Fi

Mermaid: I read an amazing book a year ago, and I've realized that the colors that suit me best, are ocean colors aqua, turquoise, teal, mint green, navy blue, golden & silvery sand colors, dazzling whites, seashell creams & pink, coral pinks & reds, and a wine-red that reads 'sour' or 'dry', not the more purplish-red of sweeter wines.

I also want more iridescence and shimmer. Sequins, beads, pearls, embossed leathers and snakeskin.

Black: Black is always going to be my favorite, elegant and/or easy fall-back. But I have plenty of black clothing, so I'm not planning to buy any more for the first half of 2018, aside from basic layering camis and tees.

Retro: My retro is 50's and 60s - the era where fashion was willing to accomodate a massive bra underneath your clothing. I used to be all about pin-up looks, and I want to re-incorporate some of that 50's and 60's retro/pin-up/rockabilly into my wardrobe. But not all-out like I used to, because it feels too much like a costume.

Drape and Cling: I want soft, comfortable clothing that is luxurious, and closely fitted, but not bodycon-tight.

Futuristic Sci-Fi:

I want to honor my inner nerd in 2018. I'd like to have a small capsule of clothing that echoes a uniform or outfit you might see on Star Trek, Dune, or Star Wars. And a minty hint of steampunk - not distressed or RATE, but sharp and clean-looking.

I thought I wanted to add "more pirate", but I've realized that would be better saved for Sunday best: DragonCon, other Cons, Ren festivals, and the like.

Minimalist over Maximalist: I tried some maximalism in clothing, accessories, and prints over the last few months, and felt ill-at-ease. I feel happiest when things blend together, without too much variance.

I want a little bit of Clean Hard-Edge: Nothing RATE. No ripped jeans, no distressed leather, no fading. I'm about to root out anything like that from my closet.

I only want a little bit of hard-edge, enough to make me a force to be reckoned with, but not enough to make me unapproachable to people.

Summer: I tried to pull in a safari theme last summer, and found I didn't really like it. This summer, I want my outfits to feel more ocean and sky-inspired, not earthy.

I want to find a couple of pairs of shorts that have linen, and I want to wear more skirts this summer. I also want to find comfortable flats and sandals that will stay securely on my feet. I think my days of ankle-strap wedge sandals may be done, much as I adore the look.

A Couple of Pairs of Jeans: I am happiest in dark wash skinny jeans. I recently found the Maria high-rise skinny by J. Brand. I have two pairs and I wear them a lot. I want to add one more darker-wash pair, and a white pair.

Prescription Eyewear: I want to add a couple of pairs of specs, and a pair of prescription sunglasses, to my wardrobe.

Makeup & Hair: I want to cultivate an everyday, soft, posh and polished look, similar to Peony Lim or Victoria from In The Frow.