Following Angie's advice, I decided to try to identify style goals for 2018.
Not an easy task for me : after all, it has only been a few months since I began thinking of my wardrobe as a consistent whole rather than a set of random items.
So I'm going to keep things simple.

 Goal 1 : to define my style.
As a little girl, I drew fighter planes and was delighted when people thought I was a boy. Then I spent some time in the military reserve and became an engineer in a largely male-dominated field.
And in the meantime, I discovered I have a soft spot for elegant, feminine looks. I feel happy wearing tactical boots and cargo pants, and I also feel happy wearing a pretty dress and classy pumps.
This year, I intend to build a better understanding of my style - somewhere between GI Jane and a Disney Princess.

 Goal 2 : to think - but to avoid overthinking.
As I said in the introduction of this thread, planning for my wardrobe rather than filling it with whatever catches my eye is new for me.
Now I aim at building a wardrobe that is consistent with my style and based on a cohesive set of items in terms of colors and silhouette.
But I should not forget to have fun with that. Which means I don't necessarily need an elaborate Excel file for an effective wardrobe assessment and analysis. But I like elaborate Excel files, so maybe if I manage to create a fun one...
Oops, I'm overthinking my no-overthinking goal.  

 Goal 3 : to build on what works, but to keep on exploring and experimenting.
There are a few silhouettes and outfits I know well and like to wear. But building my style and wardrobe is a journey, not an end : I'll keep on trying new colors, new patterns, new shapes.

 Bonus goal : to wear my dresses!
There are some dresses in my wardrobe. Dresses I love and feel fab in, but I generally wear them for special occasions and hardly ever for work.
I definitely intend to find a way to wear them more regularly : I just need to remain deeply convinced that I can look like a lady and be as tough as my toughest male colleagues.