I posted on the blog comments, but thought I'd go into more detail on the forum, so that I can easily find this throughout the year.

1) Continue to wear everything in my closet, and identify the pieces that are no longer being used. I'm actually in a good place with this, and have only a few pieces in my closet that I'm holding onto, to figure out if they'll stay. My winter and transitional season clothes make me happy, and I always have something to wear.

2) Ensure that undergarments are still the right size and in good condition. I get refit for bras every year or so, and have ended up with exactly the same ones for the last 5+ years. And, I'm just tired of the style, so hoping for something new.

3) Build a summer casual capsule. Last summer, I focused on my work capsule, which is nearly complete. My casual summer clothes consist of whatever I've picked up on sale. It's my least favorite category to buy, so I always drag my feet on it, until I'm desperate. I'm thinking I might have more success if I shop places that are more oriented to gear- REI, Patagonia- but for their non-gear lines.

4) Focus on outerwear, shoes, bags. Thinking back to point #1, my general wardrobe is in a good place, so other than replacing essentials, I don't need to add much. However, as I mentioned in today's blog post about black clothes, I picked black as a neutral a number of years ago, and hence have a black winter coat, black bag, and lots of black shoes. They're great- real workhorses, but I'm ready to branch out. Hoping to add a trench in navy, a bag in red/burgundy, and shoes in brighter colors.

5) Add something fun, and more trendy, every season. This fall, with velvet trending, I picked up a platinum velvet jean-style jacket. It was a bit of a wild card for me, but I'm so glad I got it. I've gotten compliments every time I wear it. The trick is to find something that has the feel of the trend, but still fits with my more classic style.

6) Wear my hand knits more often. I have a drawer full of handknit scarves and shawls, and I do enjoy them, but often forget to add them. I think part of the challenge is that some of the larger shawls are too large to wear comfortably under my coat, but too delicate to wear outside my coat.