Hi, I don't think (or can't find) much on goals from last year, but I did mention that 2018 was going to be a (for me) big replacement year https://youlookfab.com/welookf.....a-big-year

In term of goals (includes ones I remember and didn't write down, in that post any anyway)

  1. Buy ethically This is a contested and complicated goal. It didn't really happen. I wanted to buy at least items from definitely ethical companies - and I didn't. I even bought 2 items from a shop I'd decided not to patronise (it had a very low rating from the ethical guide I use). I did buy one skirt from the opshop though
  2. Move to lighter colours - this happened with my silver pleated skirt - but I bought a black dress when I hadn't planned to
  3. Buy 2 statement items - I bought 4! Tartan dress, silver pleated skirt and the 2 playsuits. These led from my desire to be both more emotionally led with my purchasing and also (bit like Suz perhaps) to try and get excited about what is actually in shops, rather than abstract ideas (or ones I get from YLF since they are from a different hemisphere)
  4. Buy work clothes that can be work casually as well. Tick. All new additions work for both.
  5. Buy a Cue dress - this didn't happen. I need them to be reduced by 50% for that to happen, and I wasn't as intosheath dresses (which I love Cue for) And I'd want to love it enough to wear once a week for a few years!
Although I planned this to be a big replacement year I only bought 18 items (not counting socks, hose or knickers) I thought some shoes would wear out but none did (or maybe I just have my head in the sand about running shoe replacements). Actually 20 new purchases a year is my nominal limit so I did get close.

I received (my choice though) a wallet as a gift, and also winter PJs.

I got quite a few handed down items in 2018 and at least 3 are definite keepers with some others in "still trying out" mode.

The BIG change for me in 2018 was the move towards highwaisted. With my long torso, this is good for me and I bought the first pair of work trousers for years (wide crops)

Plans for 2019

ETA I forgot the biggest one - change my hairstyle and go a lot shorter - my hair is in terrible condition and needs a MASSIVE chop.

Wear all the new clothes I bought a lot!! It felt like a lot of new stuff - almost overwhelming (the lowish number is because I didn't replace shoes or basics)

1. Keep milking the highwaisted thing - definitely get some highwaisted jeans and get tops to go with them

2. Just get more tops in general - I only bought 2 last year (and one workout top) That's just not enough!

3 Buy a light coloured denim jacket - I'm moving on from ideas of getting a blue pleather jacket towards this - part of my general change towards light colours. I'm a bit sick of having pleather jackets falling to bits after a few years.

4. Keep trying to buy more ethical stuff

Shopping list (non exhaustive)

denim jacket
High waisted jeans
replace any shoes that need it (I anticipate summer sandals for summer 19/20)

Left over from last years list
tracksuit pants
long sleeve tee
sweatshirt dress

Thanks for reading and comments welcome.