As per Angie's request, I posted this in the blog comments . If anyone is interested - always love the feedback I get here. Thanks in advance for reading :0

4 days later…….

2018 goals/ideas/inspirations

1. new directive: pretty with an edge. Wear jeans less often (I wore them to death in 2017 and am good and tired of them for now) . Keep hair darker (for now). Experiment more with floral prints.

2. casual , non/work looks: again, go for the pretty or more feminine pieces when fabrics are casual. Thick, casual knits do not flatter me at all, but are a part of life in my winter climate – so, when working on my at-home clothes, don’t fall for boyish . Go more refined. What these pieces will be though ?? That’s the question.

3. invest in one or two more structured, smaller bags; one light and one dark. I have several really good slouchy bags, but they are heavy , often cumbersome , and can look a little sloppy in certain situations.

4. athleisure is definitely on the downward curve for me; I wore it to death for several years, and I think I’m over the need for it. It doesn’t fit my lifestyle now, and I feel underdressed wearing those pieces out of the house now. Funny how things change …;) I still love athletic footwear that is done for fashion wear – but my days of leggings , track pants, etc are over (except for to and from the gym).

5. inspiration : Trinny Woodall. She’s pretty wacky (cough, medication, cough) , but I do love her style . Longer coats, crisp trousers, shirts, brogues. We most assuredly don’t share a body type so this will be my challenge (how to make these looks work for me).

6. colours moving into 2018 : pink , orange , blue and grey. Maybe a shot or two of ultraviolet. Especially in makeup ! All of these will mix well with my core of black, ink and olive. Need a core of pale neutrals (cream or linen or ivory, not white) , and will build this up over the year. Bag, sweater, blouses, footwear, and hopefully a coat for next fall.

7. And…most importantly – (this isn’t really a style goal as much as it is a shopping goal) CALM DOWN. As Angie says, relax, be patient, and do something else when the shopping isn’t working. I tend to panic when I can’t find what I’ve determined I “need” , and then try harder and harder, going back to the same old stores and searching again, and then end up with things that are total duplicates of what I already have, or are just wrong. I will never go naked or be inappropriately dressed, and will manage just fine if I don’t have the perfect thing when I think I need it. It will come. Phew. There, talked myself down a notch