2017 Essentials: Here are mine, what are yours?

1: Dainty small face watches - I have two and pick which one to wear based on whether I am mixing metals or not.
2. Dainty Bangles - I always wear some. ALWAYS!
3. Classic stud (diamond/pearl) or simple hoop earrings.
4. My light teal glasses! My new sky blue and tortoise sun glasses!
5. My wedding band, diamond ring(s).

1. Pencil skirts/ pencil sheath dresses in solid colors or solid neutral tone.
2. High neckline fluid tops in soft natural fibers. This could mean a cashmere turtleneck in winter, or a silk/cotton blouse in summer. I prefer collarless blouses, solids and well defined color palette.
3. Cardigan Sweaters - any length, but mostly long. I like how they create a flowy element when I wear anything else more structured under them.
4. Jeans, preferably mid to high rise full length straight leg or skinny, although I also have trendy styles.
5. Wrap dresses worn over slip dress - I love this look and probably wear it once or twice a week, year round.

1. Down puffer - I own these in multiple weights and styles. I wear them October to April.
2. Leather Jacket/suede jacket - good for dry days only or indoors
3. Light weight trench

1. Weatherproof footwear - this means snow and salt resistant, water proof, etc. We get lots of weather of every sort here and shoes are easy to ruin. Navy, grey, metallic silver and white.
2. Sandals - Naot and Birkenstocks, I live in these all summer. I have lots of other footwear, but these are always my favorites.

1. I love to have lip gloss in a great color with me at all times.
2. Mascara and eyeliner