LISAP--if I slip an over-the-counter orthotic into my flats or low heels, it makes a huge difference in the comfort/walkability factor.
SVETA--Acquiring pieces for your dance capsule should be great fun!
QFBRENDA--thanks for getting back about that. In just a few weeks, you'll have lots of selection for your sleeveless tops.
MSMAVEN--One truly comfortable (and stylish) pair of walking shoes is worth a lot!
ANNE--good list! Hope you find much of it this year.
LINDALU--hello, fellow white jeans seeker!
SHIPSKITTY--I too find it very useful to sort out needs from wants when I'm making shopping lists. It sounds like there's some fuchsia in your future!

Great list, Windchime! I think I'm on the same page as Suz now, because I've been adding a lot to my wardrobe the past couple of years. My wardrobe is in a good place right now in regards of essentials. I think I will concentrate on adding new basics like underwear and workout clothes, and probably some new footwear. I'd love a new statement topper for spring (long vest? Leather jacket?), and a shirtdress for spring/summer. And finally, if I can find the right ones, I'm thinking of adding a pair of flared jeans.

Nice list! I agree that white shirts must fit. (I have the opposite issue, but I totally understand what it's like to not fit into a regular size!). And have fun finding the right pair of white jeans.

My list includes zero basics. I can hardly believe I'm totally covered in this area, but there is literally nothing I need -- not even underpants. However, I still have some Christmas money to spend, so I'm on the hunt for the right black motorcycle jacket, and the right pair of short black boots with a 1.5" to 2" heel (not easy to find, as it happens).

I know what you mean about the "fashion boots " for indoors -- so they don't get ruined by salt and snow! I am loving my pair of Art boots (similar shown) that I got... can't recommend this brand enough--very comfortable and high quality leather. I am also after a basic navy blue blazer-- like you with the white jeans, I imagine everything with a blue blazer that I don't own!

I would be interested in:
Sailor tee
Lace short sleeve tee (colour)
Brick cowl sweater
Forest cowl sweater
Knit moto (brown)
Mid-weight coat (colour, mid-length)
Brown oval-buckle belt
Ballet flats

Rust 3/4 sleeve, knit peplum
Dark red cardigan
Snowflake/Fair Isle cowl sweater
Tan a-line skirt

I'm hoping to add black sandals and a new handbag with black details, color blocking, or maybe all black. I may add a pair of flared jeans if I find the right ones before it gets too warm to wear them. I'd also like to add a few more bracelets and maybe a new necklace to my collection.