For me, 2014 was a year of acquiring wardrobe ESSENTIALS. What a difference that has made in being able to easily put together outfits for a variety of needs--casual, work, social, and dressy. I've been eagerly waiting for 2015, when my wardrobe budget "renews" and I can continue adding to my essentials. Below are the top items on my list; what's on yours?

1. Navy blue wool trousers for work.
2. Replacement white button-front blouse in tall. No more not-long
enough sleeves; that doesn't feel fab.
3. Tall boots to be worn indoors. When I was a kid, my mom called them
"fashion boots."
4. WHITE JEANS!!! So excited to get these; for months I've been mentally
putting together outfits with what I already own and white jeans.
5. Winter-weight white layering shirt.
6. Replacement lace-up black sneakers. Mine wore out from love and use,
and I miss them desperately. They were all black, including grommets
and soles; so far I haven't found a replacement.