Hi all, my wardrobe is too large. Culling is hard, partly because I still like things, partly because I want to wear them 30 times now before I consider getting rid of, partly because I'm horrified about the mountains of donated clothes that get shipped to the third world. These jumpers were purchased for love, from an outlet store which is a good brand that is expensive at full retail price. They were bought at nowhere near that.
1. Olive/grey stripe. Bought to go with these beloved 2013 olive pants with gold zip I had, which died by 2016, and to go with my grey merino layering top. I now wear with different olive pants, or grey or black pants. Bought in 2014 for $30, 23 wears now, CPW $1.50. When I posted the pic below The Cat mentioned that some of the items seemed to highlight my mid-section. I think she is right about these. Tummy sticking out is obvious?
2. Orange with greyish/tealish pattern bought in 2015 for $21 same shop. I liked the colour and given it was the same shape as the grey/olive which I had bought the year before and was wearing a lot, I thought it would be a winner. Worn 14 times which is not a lot, CPW also $1.50. When I posted this one someone said it overwhelmed my petite frame and I also feel it makes my sticking-out tummy very obvious.
So I'm thinking of getting over guilt of not wearing enough, donating to hospice shop, and steering clear of such long jumpers in the future. Thoughts?

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