Thanks Jussie! Since last year, I have been craving the combination of red and pink together. I saw some pictures that Angie posted, and then I also saw a number of outfits in that combination as part of NY Fashion week, maybe for Spring 2017? In any case, I have been looking for items to add that reflect this newfound desire. So far the best, and most fun has been a pair of Kate Spade scarves that were on sale. Normally I wouldn’t have purchased both, but they reminded me of the Matryoshka dolls my dad’s best friend brought back from a medical trip to the U.S.S.R. when I was a kid. He told me to be very careful and save the package because he was certain it would become valuable since it was labeled U.S.S.R. and he didn’t think it would continue to exist as such. He had the gift of clairvoyance! I was probably 8 years old, and I don’t have the packaging, which was a paper bag, but, I still have the dolls. They are faded, and were well loved by me, my friends, and later by my daughter, her friends, and my nieces when they come over. So, when I saw the scarves, I knew, they were for me! :-). The red one looks okay with the squiggle jacket.....

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OH WOW. I failed to realize how much pink you included your capsule. Stunning. Absolutely stunning. I would get great joy out of just seeing the lovely colors span your closet.

They're both beautiful jackets. However, I prefer the one with the squiggles. I think its the cut and shape of it that I like better on you.

Sterling, I don’t think I have posted as many pictures of myself in pink or red. I typically feel very confident of my choices with these colors. I have my doubts with the squiggle jacket, mostly because it looks orange to me when I hold it up against my wardrobe. Is that a reason to reject it? I’m trying to figure that out? It only happens in certain light. I love the fit, the cut, the texture, etc. My style goal for this year was to add some texture. The jacket is in keeping with my newly revised by Angie style moniker, Serenely Refined

I am leaning towards rejecting the red trench. Unfrumped made me really think about how often I might wear it and what I have been using instead. My citron, grey, and taupe trenches work with everything, although the only one that is truly in my palette is the grey. I’m trying to replace the Creenstone citron and taupe trenches. I really want something special, probably red or fuschia. Last year, I purchased a Helly Hansen raincoat in a light teal color thinking it could serve as a casual stand in for the citron trench. The new raincoat is casual and practical, but didn’t meet my expectations because it doesn’t work well with anything dressy. The citron trench is hard to beat. It is one of those versatile pieces that crosses into the dressy realm if needed but still works with casual garb. Wardrobe items that meet that criteria seem to function best in my wardrobe. In fact, I should add that as a new criterion to consider for certain types of purchases. “Items should be versatile enough to cross into the dressy realm, but also work with casual outfits”.

On my monitor the jackets look as if they fit your palette precisely and they look fabulous on you. I actually wrote a long comment on this yesterday that seems have disappeared into cyberspace, but one point I made was why not try out some outfits. These jackets do not look at all orange-red to me on my screen. The squiggle one even has the pink in it plus a lovely silvery tone --- what could be more perfect? But if you have doubts or fear they do not work you probably wouldn't wear.