Gear. There is a deep dislike of it around here. I’ve never understood it—if weather and activities call for a fleece jacket or leggings, I have no issue wearing them, and want them to look like “me” and appropriate for the context as much as I do any other time. But some people don’t like gear at all. Fine by me—we all have our preferences, and they can’t always be explained.

My question is, what is “gear” to you? Is it this jumpsuit, designed by a well-respected sports gear designer but clearly not intended for use on the court, track, or field? This question arose in relation to my comment on Jenn’s recent “rut” post, when I suggested velour joggers and a cowl-neck sweatshirt (along with an item we both agree is “gear” and one we both agree is not). I have no interest in quarreling with Jenn—she is thoughtful and helpful, so I generally wouldn’t want to bother her, especially not during a tough time, and of course it is her thread, her wardrobe. But that core question, what makes something “gear”, keeps itching me.

If you don’t like gear, can you explain what you mean by that? Is “gear” what someone would wear for a sport/exercise activity, or does that term encompass something more for you? If it’s “something more”, can you explain it? Is it this jumpsuit? Bonus points if you can explain your distaste for it

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