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Color: Dark Brown + Mustard Yellow - Items Rejected fall 2019

Collection by Chris987

The "hat attack" scarf had too much red in it. he "collection" scarf was perfect color-wise but a very thin fabric that won't drape well. The Levi's jacket fit was typical for moto jackets on me...if the shoulders fit, I can't get the zipper closed at the bottom. I need petite sizing. The Joseph Seibel booties didn't fit right in a very odd way; the heel fit was right, the top edge was almost too tight on my ankle, and there was too much room abovee the toe. The Style&Co sweater was too tight in the torso and a little too long overall in the size I tried. The last scarf was pretty with a bit of a gold sheen to it, but I decided I'd prefer a more colorful scarf with some dark brwon in it to one that is mostly brown. The brown loafers were wonderful (and a top pick in a lighter color), but I've decided to focus on booties instead because they will get more wear in my climate. I looked . I looked at the cross body bag in person and the color was too similar to a cross body I already own. The yellow scarf was a bit too bright, prefer predominantly darker colors with a little bit of yellow instead. The Macys' yellow sweater was too bright, and too short/too wide a fit. I got the Jcrew tan pullover in mustard yellow also and it was again too much bright color. Alex Mill sweatshirt (spring 2019) was not really mustard yellow, returned it because it was not colorfast and didn't feel the need to buy something similar. The walking cradles booties had an odd textured surface of the inner sole, which felt weird plus the fit was off. The aerosole booties were too loose in the heel but k in the front part of the foot. He zip up faux leather jacket was fine and fit well, but an exact copy of one I already have in cognac, and since it's in the same color family it won't offer any different outfit possibilities from the cognac one.

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