For the last few months we’ve been beta testing a new YLF feature: An easy-to-use blogging platform for our members to create their own outfit and style blogs. To date we have only had a small group of people testing the feature, but this week we’re opening it up to all YLF members at the “active member” level.

The concept is very simple. As easily as our members can post something to the YLF forum, they can post it to their blog. And getting started with a new blog is a single click affair. One of our goals is to make outfit blogging easier than it has ever been before.

As simple as it is to create and use a lookfab blog, there are also options to customize it and make it your own. As with any other blogging tool, like Blogger or Tumblr, our members can choose the name for their blog on the Internet. For mine, I chose the name “YLFoto”, and my Internet address is

Here are the lookfab blogs of some other brave early beta testers:

Lookfab bloggers can also customize the appearance of their blog. Right now there are three themes, and each one has some simple things you can change, like fonts and colors. Over time we will expand the themes and the extent to which people can customize them.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about a lookfab blog is the built in audience. Posts to the blog are also posts in the YLF forum, so even a brand new blogger will have immediate engagement from our wonderful forum members. People can respond to posts on the lookfab blog, or in the forum, and all the replies appear in both places.

If you are currently an active member and would like to play with the new feature, just go to and take it from there. You can even make your new blog visible to YLF members only if you’re not quite ready to take on the whole Internet.

If you aren’t already logged in, just use your normal YLF username and password to log in to If we’ve done our work correctly, the next steps will be self evident. If they aren’t, or if you find anything strange, please let us know using the forum or the contact page, or by sending email to The whole purpose of the beta testing period is to make improvement based on your feedback. We look forward to hearing from you.