From stylish television being all the rage to the pressure to dress a certain way when working out, today I’m sharing three articles on different style-related topics that are worth a read:

Fab Links from Our Members

Here’s some fun Kentucky Derby hat fashion. Angie likes the creative horse-y ones.

Angie also reports that a ticket to the Met Gala costs $75,000. And celebrities who attend do not pay for their tickets! They do make generous donations though.

Nuancedream read that thanks to Zendaya and the Challengers film, tenniscore is having a moment

April is attending a niece’s wedding and will wear sneakers with her dress (code is cocktail). So this article was of interest to her.

Jaime discovered that Vogue has been doing fun summaries of different decades in fashion. Here is the ’20s and they have gotten up through the ’60s so far.

Je Ne Sais Pas liked Liza Belmonte’s post about clothing quality diminishing over time: “This issue has been often discussed here, so maybe not a lot of new information, but interesting nonetheless.”

Suntiger says: “Everyone check your 2024 bingo cards… Nirvana is considered preppy now. As is Lululemon…”

She also came across this article that claims ankle socks make you look old.

Suz thought that Trinny does a fantastic department store shop for inspiration. She takes us from Cos to Maje to Hobbs to Theory (and so much more!) trying on items and discussing their merits and demerits as she goes. She adds: “It’s a great education in how to shop, especially for those who easily feel overwhelmed in a department store. It’s almost as good as shopping with Angie in that she transmits the same rich fund of fashion knowledge together with a genuine love for clothes.”