The Guardian reports that “high-quality footwear is easy to repair and will last a lifetime when cared for properly. But it is also becoming more difficult to find.” In this article, cobblers share their tips for picking durable footwear that can go the distance.

One of their reporters also tried out a professional sneaker cleaner and restorer in the hopes of reviving a pair of shabby sneakers. Commenters have mixed feelings about the results.

Finally, Hannah Rochell of En Brogue and Slowette has some tips on how to clean white shoes.

Fab Links from Our Members

Having just lost a bronze earring and after reading some complaints on YLF about how hard it is to find “dull gold” accessories, Olive Green thought this post might be of interest.

Nuancedream and Runcarla noticed the same trend. Nuancedream says: “Now I know why I can’t replace one of my Trader Joe’s shopping bags, which is literally falling apart. It has become a fashion statement in Japan!” Runcarla adds: “Last May whilst in the UK I noted lots of cloth totes vs bags being carried by folks, and for funsies I bought a cloth Morrison’s bag when we did a little grocery shop. Today I spotted canvas grocery totes being used as accessories in the latest styling video by two vloggers I follow! I wonder if the ubiquitous Lululemon bag will be next?”

Runcarla also enjoyed this article about brooches trending again.

Belgian fashion designer Dries Van Noten is retiring. Suz will miss him!

Suntiger directs us to this article about how fashion is going through a golden age of understatement.

Jaime thought this was excellent advice for what can be done to a leather bag to renew it.

Angie wanted to share two good guides on how you can create and maintain a more sustainable wardrobe, which we regularly discuss on YLF. The most interesting part to her was the guide on which items you should spend your money on.