I’ve been catching up with Alyson Walsh’s on That’s Not My Age, and found these articles on colourful dressing and make-up uplifting and inspiring. The comments section is always worth a read too.

Older and Bolder. The Mood-Boosting Benefits of Wearing Bright Clothes.

How to Wear Red Lipstick (at Every Age).

This conversation with Rene Macdonald, founder of fashion label Lisou London, on her love for bold patterns and colours.

Fab Links from Our Members

Aloha Emily enjoyed this post on Iris Apfel fans who love rainbow dressing. She adds: “The more I work with Angie, the more I have confidence to wear the brights I love!”

Nuancedream thought this post was funny and pretty truthful: “The description of ‘cozy fit’ is priceless.”

As someone who loves to wear all sorts of fun pants and jeans — dressy bottoms are a fave! — Angie much relates to the trend that trousers are now the main event: “To me, they are elegant, practical and covered! That said, I’m as much of a dress fan.”

If you haven’t seen the movie “Air” yet, Angie highly recommends it: “It’s the true tale about Nike and Michael Jordan, way before Nike was as big as it is now. Rivals Adidas and Converse are hot on their heels. The Air Jordan is born! It’s a story of greatness in every way, and changed the world for the better. Michael Jordan’s mother plays a crucial part in all of this. ‘80s fans like me will enjoy the era and year in which it is set. Must see!”

L’Abeille directs us to Derek Guy’s post about the difference between a sport coat and a blazer.

Roberta recommends this thoughtful examination of garments and our emotional connection to some of them, and how we can approach our wardrobe with our emotions in addition to limiting our acquisition. She thought the comments were equally interesting.