Paco Rabanne has passed away,  a new designer collaboration at H&M, and other news from the style trenches in February.

Fun Fashion Fact

Did you know that the “Bettina Blouse” created by Hubert de Givenchy, and named after his muse, model Bettina Graziani, was key in reintroducing tailored shirts back into high fashion. The blouse contrasted its signature ruffles with a trim fit, and was crafted from raw shirting cotton which had until then exclusively been used for couture fittings. “Relegated to men’s suits, shirting was commonly thought to be masculine, and therefore inappropriate for women at the time. The Bettina Blouse’s ruffled sleeves, elegantly flowing collar and exquisite embroidery emphatically upended that notion, setting a fashion movement in motion and garnering the equivalent of nearly $14,000 in its first day of sales.”