Allure has been publishing some interesting articles about global beauty and the power of beauty traditions. Here’s three I’d like to share:

Fab Links from Our Members

Minaminu loved this article about 1990s fashion, and adds that she had a fun time during that decade.

She also thought this article about how interior designers dress to impress was interesting.

Cat2 likes the LK Bennett and Maison Bengal collaboration of fun bags for Summer that support a great cause.

Nuancedream really enjoyed this article on Africa’s style revolution, and has her eye on that blue floral bomber.

Althought Jaime loved Nora Ephron’s book, she found this a much more inspiring take on getting older and facing the world.

The Japanese 24 seasons of the year make a lot of sense to suntiger.

Runcarla loved browsing the photos of these stylish women “of a certain age”.

L’Abeille points us to this article on the fashion choices for people of colour in period dramas like Bridgerton.

Mary Beth recommends this video in which a beauty vlogger gets a personal colour analysis: “The consultant is so thorough, and talks about things I haven’t previously seen discussed; e.g. how a color can be flattering, but too much, or how a particular shade will pull up the faintest of shadows, making her complexion underwhelming, or making her look more mature.”