Allure reports that “the American manicure is Fall’s chicest nail art trend.”

They also rounded up 31 ideas for Winter nails to do at home or in the salon.

Last but not least, meet Clockwork, and discover how a manicure robot fits into an industry full of human nail technicians.

Fab Links from Our Members

Indigoprint has been enjoying reading Alyson’s blog, and thought her experience with dyeing a leather jacket was interesting.

This Trinny Woodall impersonation made nuancedream laugh out loud.

Approprio recommends having a look at this article if you’d like to know what is trending in Tokyo.

She was also inspired by these Autumn/Winter outfits from the HARE Lookbook.

Since we often talk about altering or modifying clothing on the YLF forum, L’Abeille thought this article would be of interest.

Suntiger thought “Amid The Pandemic, Seeing Myself“, is a must-read.

UmmLila directs us to this article about how gender-neutral clothing is on the rise, and how designers are trying to improve the fit.

Kkards found this article so interesting because she’d never really thought about the fact that there was a real Laura Ashley, and the impact her aesthetic is having on contemporary brands and designers

Aquamarine says this blog post about wearing your favourite clothes and not saving them, was a timely reminder for her.

Even though Vildy “lived through these times and has read a great deal about Mary Quant since,” she did learn some things from this Guardian article: “In the way she designed clothing to defy convention, she very much rivals Chanel and seems to be of much greater influence. She certainly influences much of my own style: cricket/tennis sweaters, oversize blazers, poor boy rib knits, the holy grail of pockets in a dress.”