I found this article, in which four women share the meaning of their inherited jewellery, heart-warming

“As a jewelry designer, I draw inspiration from items handed down to me to create pieces that can become treasured heirlooms. Pieces which will hold the stories of those who wear them, to be passed down so they can live on. I wanted to hear more of these stories, so I asked four second-generation Canadians about the rings, necklaces, and earrings given to them and heard about the resilience, selflessness, and deep love embedded in them.”

I also enjoyed this blog post, in which 12 Cup of Jo readers share their meaningful tattoos. I really love what Emma did:

“I am madly in love with my life partner: my dog, Robin. She is my first soulmate and north star. When I adopted her in 2015, I wanted to commemorate the relationship. So, I took a picture of the geometric white patch on her chest, and the tattoo artist traced the outline. Everyone tries to guess what state it is!”

Fab Links from Our Members

Minaminu thought this was interesting: the founder of Boden, Johnnie Boden, predicts that formal office wear is out.

Vildy never considered wearing overalls before but this lengthy post chock-full of how-to-do-it examples has her rethinking. She says: “I actually like some of the examples, which I never expected to.”

Suntiger recommends this M Gets Dressed blog post about how to look older in casual clothes.

Stagiaire Fash says this article from 3 years ago about the increasing use of older models and the narrowness of that movement is still relevant.

Runcarla had fun browsing Phil Oh’s first street style shots (from NY Fashion Week) in 18 months. She’s loving all the craziness!

Nuancedream wanted to share this BBC article about how Afghan women are fighting back against the Taliban’s repressive dress code for women. She adds: “Right on! to these women who are proclaiming through their colorful attire that this is Afghan culture.”

Mary Beth directs us to this fun look at the Fall/Winter 2021-22 colour trends. She is loving the Coconut Cream, Root Beer, Mykonos Blue, After Midnight, and Pale Rosette. And she is intrigued by Illuminating.