Shoes are constructed from lots of different materials, which makes recycling footwear quite complicated. Over at En Brogue, Hannah Rochell has good tips on what to do with your old shoes.

This Fashionista article by Elizabeth L. Cline has lots of equivalent suggestions for those of us located in the US.

Fashionista also looks at ‘circular sneakers‘: “Shoes have been a prime target for circular innovation in the last few years. But so far, the movement hasn’t been scaleable.”

Fab Links from Our Members

Nuancedream reports we might need to brace ourselves for issues while doing our holiday shopping this year.

Bijou directs us to an article that will undoubtedly provide extra motivation to reuse and recycle.

Following up on that, Fashintern thought this article could also be of interest.

She also liked The Lingerie Addict’s tips for how to find and shop for sustainable lingerie.

Serena Williams and her Nike design crew debut their first collection. Kkards says: “I’m a huge Serena fan… but even if I wasn’t, these outfits are fab. The models they are shown on, fab. And the overall process and reaching out to and offering accesses and opportunities to underrepresented voices, FAB. This makes me an even bigger fan girl.”

Suntiger points us to the style evolution of one of her favourites, Halle Berry.

Runcarla loves Alison’s attitude about owning one’s personal (jeans) style, and how stylishness and personal style transcend trends.

We have apparently reached peak exercise dress. “Another trend I was oblivious to,” says JAileen.