From the art of visual mending to how to stitch old things to new life, I liked this blog post about the fact that much thought is now going into saving garments as we all do our bit to consume less.

If you’d like to try your hand at darning a hole in a sweater or cardigan, have a look at these tips.

“‘Meet Australia’s Fashion Fixers’: As people become more conscious of reducing waste, Australia’s professional menders are welcoming a new wave of customers.”

Fab Links from Our Members

Nuancedream directs us to this interesting Teen Vogue article on sustainable and size-inclusive fashion. Some progress has been made, but there is still room for improvement.

JAileen recommends this article on what to do with our face masks after the pandemic.

Isabel found this funny in a way: “Now that we have discovered elastic waists, will we ever go back?”

Suntiger immediately thought of Angie when she saw this: “Finally, It’s in Fashion to be a Horse Girl.”

She also thought this was a good post for anyone interested in moving towards a minimalist wardrobe.

LAR101 thought this could be useful: “You Probably Wear the Wrong Bra Size. These TikTokers Have a Solution.”

Bj1111 is loving the patterns of these Vans made with Liberty fabrics.

Zaeobi thought Alison from Wardrobe Oxygen’s update on ‘going out’ tops was interesting — has the concept really changed that much since 2005? And if it has, will we continue to even need ‘going out’ tops after we emerge into the ‘reopening’ of society?

Angie is so with Alyson Walsh and her views on the versatility and fabness of the classic striped Breton.

Fashintern came across this article about apps that let you try on clothes virtually.

Shevia thought this was a very good exploration of the issue of thrift store gentrification, although, she adds: “I do not think it took into account that many smaller thrift stores are primarily run to support charities, and raising money rather than providing clothing is their main goal.”

Sal has been enjoying stylist Kate Young and her new YouTube channel. Lots of information about what it takes to get those red carpet looks.