Here are some resources if you are interested in going the vintage route this year, want to learn how to make your own clothes or want to try on make-up from the safety of your own home:

Fab Links from Our Members

Shevia appreciated this Who What Wear article about size-inclusive brands.

Kkards thought this article on how to build a brand without an ad budget and the power of small influencers was eye-opening and fascinating. She adds: “Make sure you read the comments, especially the back and forth with one of the early influencers.”

Suntiger was sad to read that more Macy’s stores are closing.

Nuancedream is giving H&M a second look since they have initiated a very ambitious sustainability plan. She says: “This knitting machine is brilliant. Can the fashion industry become carbon positive in the future? I am now a bit more hopeful.”

A Saskatchewan girl was shamed for wearing a traditional indigenous ribbon skirt to school. Runcarla thought it was so sad that the girl was criticized for her outfit, but found the outpouring of support uplifting.

Far from Angie’s Do Your Own Thing, Vildy came across this reminiscence and evaluation of high school dress codes. One main message: people tried to control people by trying to control what they wore.