We’re continuing our tradition of ringing out the Link Love year with a collection of style-related stories that didn’t quite fit into the themed Link Love posts we published throughout the year, but are worth a look anyway. Enjoy!

We”ll be back in the new year with more Link Love posts. In the meantime, I want to wish you lovely holidays with lots of moments that make you smile.

Fab Links from Our Members

Minaminu really liked this article about how dressing up can make us happy.

“Now this is a partnership worth supporting,” says Suz: Civil rights activist Angela Davis launches fashion collaboration with LA label.

Your attention is being bought, and sold.” Mary Beth says: ” I’ve been aware for some years now that everything we click while online is being data-mined, in an attempt to personalize advertising to each of us. But I have never considered that we might be the product…”

Suntiger found “What you didn’t know about colour“, and “‘Cottage core’ and the rise of the modern rural fantasy” worth a read.

Runcarla wanted to share this eye-opening article about men sewists. She adds: “Women aren’t the only ones interested in self-expression through fashion and willing to take things into their own hands — literally.

Is She a Winter or a Summer? The Long Fashion Legacy of Color Me Beautiful.” “The need to label itself goes in and out of fashion,” Shevia says.

Vildy points out that with more and more models assuming awkward poses, it can be hard work to figure out how something you’ve only seen online could work for you. At least Instagram accounts like Awkward Zara, and Awkward But Fashion encourage a sense of humour about it.

Ginger found this a well-balanced article, discussing both the prejudice against producing inclusive sizing as well as the industry-wide technical challenges. She also finds the mention of “micrograding” fascinating — the technique that Universal Standard created of point-by-point grading between each size, not just between each range of sizes. It seems to be effective but also very time-consuming.