The rise of the “nap dress”, a new clothing rental platform, and more news from the fashion trenches in August.

Fun fashion Quote

At Cup of Jo, 14 women show the fancy dresses they’ve been putting on at home or for a walk around the block. I love what Brianna said about hers:

“Right as we began lockdown in Seattle, I bought the largest dress I’ve ever owned. It has huge puffy sleeves, a skirt big enough to be a picnic blanket, and a print acceptable only on a beach. On a size 16/18 body, it’s difficult to find something with extra fabric, let alone work up the gumption to wear something that might make you look (gasp) even larger. But I’ve been wearing it everywhere — even as ‘everywhere’ shrunk to the grocery store, FaceTime and my neighborhood. It’s a luxury that keeps me afloat.”