Plenty of sneaker news, sustainable jeans, and other style stories that caught our attention in July.

Fashion Quote

I thought this quote from Rebekah Taussig in Cup of Jo’s Week of Outfits series was food for thought:

“Sometimes I feel like my ability to present myself the way I want to be seen is limited, because the wheelchair is so loud and immediate. As soon as people see me, and my age, and my chair, it’s like they write a story about that in their minds — what it means to them, and what it must mean to me. So, for me, the things that I choose to wear are in part a way for me to control that narrative in some way. I love these wheel covers for that reason — the first time I wore them, they changed the conversation. Instead of asking ridiculous or invasive questions about my chair, people asked me about the artist. Immediately, my wheel covers asserted that life in a disabled body can be engaging and playful and creative.”