For many of us, the pandemic is changing the way we dress, and present ourselves to the world. This week, I’ve collected some articles that dive into this new reality:

“In the absence of an audience to dress for, I’m learning to just follow my intuition. I think of the time I have now as a chance to define my personal style; my sense of self is getting stronger, my voice is getting louder, and it asks simply and often: does it make you happy to wear that?”

Fab Links from Our Members

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The biggest way the fashion industry is impacting the planet. JP adds: “I think we need to raise the awareness of the impact of our actions, and help by becoming better consumers to hopefully change the industry slowly.”

Suntiger directs us to “Why Does So Much Ethical Fashion Look the Same?

Skincare brand Clarisonic is shutting down after more than 10 years in business. Nuancedream says: “This is surprising since Clarisonics are quite popular with some skincare specialists and dermatologists.”

Shevia came across two articles about virtual fittings during the pandemic and beyond.