Depending on where you live, we’re seeing brick-and-mortar stores slowly starting to reopen. Fashion news outlets have been trying to predict how this new phase of shopping and using beauty services is going to look:

Fab Links from Our Members

Nuancedream absolutely loves the Netflix series “The Crown”. Part of what makes it special for her is the meticulous attention to detail with costume design.

Unfrumped enjoyed this article from The Wall Street Journal on what different designers thought would come “after” the pandemic.

Shevia found these two interesting reports regarding the state of the second-hand market in today’s environment. It’s looking good!

Alyssa Beltempo is a Canadian style vlogger who focusses on “slow fashion” and sustainability. La Belle Demimondaine enjoyed this video, in which she creates 20 fabulous outfits featuring white jeans.

Nemosmom reports that in line with Angie’s blog feature on Monday, Capezio is expanding its line of pointe shoes to include darker shades

This article reminded Jaileen of Angie’s post on stylish tops for Zoom meetings. It discusses the practice of slipping into that shirt for the meeting, and then slipping out of it and keeping it on the back of your dining chair, handy for the next meeting. And wearing it over and over.

Debbie Roes covers a lot in this blog post: how we’re living the “infinite present”, how menopause is changing her style, some style exercises, and much more. Suntiger thinks it’s well worth a read.

She also recommends Alison’s post about finding nude bras for brown skin tones. She adds: “I can count on one hand though, the number of times I have found bras/knickers even close to my skin color at retail. Glad to see there are some options!”

Finally, Jorja directs us to Alison’s post in which she reviews cloth face masks.