The Guardian is currently running a series called The Age of Beauty in which “real women reveal how their relationship with beauty has changed.” It’s sponsored by Clinique, so there is product promotion involved on the sidelines, but I’m still enjoying these women’s take on life and beauty.

Like Bibi Lynch, for example:

“I’m 53, and my face finally makes sense. Is it bad to say I sort of like my face? Sort of like it very much? Not that it’s perfect, of course; mine is a nose only a parent could love (and not necessarily unconditionally). But I really do like it. And more so as I get older. I think my face is sort of beautiful. Not because the features are beautiful — don’t make me mention my jowls — but because there’s a beauty in ageing. We all know about the glow of youth, of course, but there’s an easy, radiating warmth in maturity that’s unmissable, too.”

Or Becky Sunshine:

“‘It’s fascinating watching my skin age,’ Sunshine says. ‘I’m OK with it. I think it’s ageing well.’ But while she may be laid back about the ageing process, Sunshine strikes a more serious note when it comes to her relationship with the beauty world. ‘I get annoyed that women are accused of not being serious or intelligent if they have an interest in beauty and fashion,’ she says. ‘They aren’t mutually exclusive; you can be really smart and enjoy moisturiser and lipstick. And never listen to anyone who tells you otherwise.’”

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