Let’s have a look at some jewellery trends for Fall/Winter 2019.

Fab Links from Our Members

L’Abeille says she’s a “sucker for articles about ‘French women’ and ‘Parisiennes’,” and thought this offered a refreshing perspective.

Vildy came across a video interview with fashion journalist Alice Pfeiffer that ties in with the above article.

She also wanted to share this critical look at Brunello Cucinelli’s first-ever kidswear collection.

Shevia found this interesting: “Forever 21’s bankruptcy signals the shifting priorities of young shoppers.”

Nemosmom thought this was “an interesting read about eco-focussed Generation Z and how they are battling a love/hate relationship with fast fashion, guilt over sustainability, and the desire to be fashion-forward in a world of social media mavens, yet they lack the income to really drive the market in a better direction.”

Runcarla found Susan’s blog post on learning to speak the language of colour compelling and relevant to some of the forum discussions from earlier this month.