Urban Outfitters is launching a new clothing rental service, which will allow you to rent out items of clothing from across the brands that they own, including Anthropologie and Free People, as well as from over 100 third-party brands.

Hannah Rochell of En Brogue tested out clothing rental company On Loan and shares her thoughts with us plus suggestions for 5 more companies that offer this service.

Vogue asks if 2019 will be the year we all start renting out our own closets.

Fab Links from Our Members

Joy noticed this article about how Eileen Fisher says there are too many clothes in the world.

Fashintern directs us to this TED talk on waste in the fashion industry.

Given the talk of Barneys’ finances, Annagybe thought this floor-by-floor look of the NYC flagship was interesting.

Jenni NZ is disappointed to read that New Zealand landfills are becoming full of unloved clothes as fast fashion grows.

Classically Casual found this article about the Nordstrom family’s plans to try to gain majority control of the retailer again.

kkards was fascinated by this obituary for Florence Merriam Bailey, who was instrumental in developing modern bird watching, and wrote the first field guide of American birds … and it all started because she was disturbed by the fashion of the day — wearing birds (feathers, heads and carcasses) on your hat.